The second annual CSR confrence launch

Influence PR partnered with the International Labour OIrganization and the Federation of Egyptian Industries to create awareness and and PR support for the second confrence under the name of Decent work and CSR. This year conference witnessed the attendance of more than 1100 guests including top media and TV channells . The confrence also witnessed the launch of the first of its kind CSR book in Egypt that maps successful CSR initiatives in Egypt during last period.

Desert Force event lands in Egypt

Influence Events Management brought to you the biggest event in martial mixed arts live in Cairo for the first time. 3,000 enthusiastic fans watched the impressive final championship with attendance of top Egyptian celebrities, media and sports icons. Deseret Force is the fastest growing sport league in the Middle East and reaches 50 million Pan-Arab viewers weekly on MBC Action. The first ever tour in Egypt led Desert Force to decide to hold another round in Cairo next April, stay tuned for more details. Click here to have the feeling of Cairo event